Doli for wedding in Mumbai


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When it comes to wedding be it of diverse culture, entry of the most handsome man of the night “Groom and Bidai of the gorgeous woman of the night “Beautiful bride”, leaves everyone stunned. These days Ghodi baggi or wedding palki are coming back to the trends. And the Doli or palki touches the heart and connects with everyone as this is the last time when a daughter is being bored by father and her brothers as their own, and a moment when they handover their most pampered, the core of the heart to a new family where they pray for her to flourish in the best possible way. In a similar way the grand entry of the Groom in wedding Baggi adds joy to the family and friends. Also it’s a story teller of how prosper the family is, and this one day, groom get to live a life at King Size. To ensure each Bride and Groom should feel the same and special, check the catalogue of Mumbai’s Doli/baggi for wedding, list of specialist where the actual pictures have been shared to get a glimpse.